Next proposed departure: Fall 2020 (7 Days) Begins Capetown, Ends Windhoek
Cost: TBD (2018 Costs $1600 Single Supplement $200)

Namibia is a difficult land to adequately describe.  It is a harsh and dramatic landscape that is magnificent, awe-inspiring, and even sublime.  The enchantment of this desert wilderness is beyond description.  One experiences vast vistas of sand, granite, and silence. Namibia is the epitome of stark beauty.  One begins with the magnificence of the great Fish River Canyon, second only the Grand Canyon in scale.  To the west sand dunes stretch for miles, terminating in the icy waters of the Atlantic.  Mountains and hills of shattered granite are seen in every direction.  And the ethereal red dunes and bleached white vlies (shallow bone-dry lake beds) of Sossusvlai make it one of the great wonders of the natural world.
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