Greek Islands Cruise

Next proposed departure: late summer 2021 (12 Days) Begins Rhodes, Ends Santorini
Cost: TBD

(2018 Costs $4400 Pre-tour Delphi/Meteora extension Cost: $850)
Contact us at if you are interested or for additional details.

The stunningly picturesque Greek islands have inspired mankind back to the time of Homer.  This is nature at its dramatic and visual best.  Deep blue seas are contrasted by rugged coastlines, plunging cliffs, golden sand beaches, and isolated coves.  The human touch is equally attractive with characteristic “sugar-cube” architecture, blue-domed churches, white-washed monasteries, photogenic windmills, and crumbling fortresses.  History has left a footprint as well, providing ancient archeological sites to be explored. Join us on our chartered yacht as we explore the enchanting Aegean.

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