Israel Day 16 by Maia Coen

Getting to sleep in on these tours is such a rarity that I’m always overjoyed when I’m able to sleep past 8:00.  So I slept until 8:30.  My dad and I went out to go to Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum.  We decoded the metro system and made our way to west Jerusalem, the modern part of the city.  Being on the metro I felt like I was in Paris, or New York, or Boston.  It felt like any other westernized country that has a metro system.  The museum was an elongated triangular shaped corridor with side rooms left and right that goes down and sweeps back up at the end.  The museum had a continuous descent and you had the feeling of going down into a tomb.  The museum was well put together and packed full of information.  Of course it was a very hard thing to do as it always is when you go to museums like these, but it’s always important.  Towards the end of the museum it started to come up and we came out and were in the fresh air with a beautiful nature view.  I believe they meant to imply that we get to come out of the tomb at the end but so many didn’t. By the time we were done it was nearly lunch time so my dad and I went in search of Sarwa, the restaurant Mahdi’s brother owns.  They supposedly have the best pizza and burgers in Israel.  We ran into many of our tour members and they joined us for lunch.  I had been craving a burger for a while now so I ordered that right away.  It was huge.  I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore, burgers are always huge now.  It was very good but not the best burger I’ve ever had.  But it may in fact have been the best in Israel.  I spent what was left of the afternoon trying to do my homework but spending more time on my blogs.  Oh well.  Who knows when I’ll be in Israel again, I’ll do my homework when I get home.