Go Seahawks!

My choice for MVP In this non-travel post, I have to make one shout-out to Seahawks' Nation. With genuine respect to Denver's, San Francisco's, and New Orleans' great fans, the long suffering fans of the Pacific Northwest finally have reason to cheer! Sunday's Superbowl far exceeded our wildest imaginings.  The consensus around town was that the Seahawks would win, but no one anticipated such a one-sided victory.  Seattle's dearth of major championships is well documented.  For me personally, having been a Seattle sport fan for 35 years (meaning I missed out on the Sonics 1979 NBA Championship), I was unable to relax and believe until the fourth quarter when the Hawks were at least 4 scores ahead and too little time for even Payton Manning's prolific offence to catch up.  Seattle sports teams have too often snatched defeat from the jaws of a certain victory for me to be comfortable until late in the game.  Even then, a part of me feared that somehow it would all blow up and be taken away.

Anne, Reid, Judy, Bill, & Julie

So I hope you will all allow us to bask in the warmth of this big win - its been a long, long time coming. It will add an extra wrinkle of fun to our upcoming Africa tours to pose with our 12th man flag for photos in various parts of Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

The "12th Anne"

Many of you will enjoy hearing that we shared our Super Sunday with fellow Imprinters Bill & Judy Spaulding and Anne Villeneauve.  Julie and I (+ my nephew Jeremy) were feted with Bill's famous Black Raven beer, a table groaning with food, and great comradery.  Good times! Go Hawks!