A Tour Member Tribute

On a recent Best of Europe tour, one of my tour members, an Australian woman from Perth, wrote a poem for our last night gathering.  Over the years I’ve had many memorable nights of “tour closure” and the best are always when someone or several someones think ahead and prepare something special - like writing a poem or song.  Over the years I’ve received many gifts and mementos from groups, but the most valuable have always been those where the group has invested some time to create something for me.  Time is a precious commodity on a tour and I’m greatly touched when they invest some on my behalf.  So a poem like this is not only clever and amusing but also reflective of the experiences shared and is certainly cherished by me as a symbol of their gratitude.  Enjoy:

A poem by Karen Hemmings

We signed up for this Rick Steves’ Tour To see Europe at its best 2 West Aussies on a big black bus Yanks and Canucks making up the rest

With Reid our guide as our illustrious leader And not forgetting our driver, the Dutchman, Peter We’ve seen Rembrandt, da Vinci, Michelangelo, and more But if I see one more painting I’m running for the door

We’ve had a blast these last 21 days And made friends to truly treasure But to count the stairs we’ve had to climb Would be far too many to measure

Lauterbrunnen and Venice were our top votes for sure Gondolas and mountains had us dreaming for more Cruising the Rhine and meeting Hr Jung Were more highlights for us and we had so much fun

And on this our last night we gather to toast To Reid our leader and fabulous host We thank you for your knowledge, patience and planning And leave you with “I’m just saying” [RTC:  You had to be there.]

Thanks Karen, I too had a wonderful time.  Reid