2012 Survey Results

In February we conducted a survey.  Based on the results, we are announcing our calendar for future tours.  Thank you to all of you who participated. The results have given us excellent feedback for future planning.  We were pleasantly surprised at the high level of participation and the consistency of responses in a couple of key areas.  We asked for feedback regarding the ideal length of tours, the frequency of likely participation, inhibiting and encouraging factors of participation (cost, length, destination), specifically when we should go to Egypt, and a ranking of potential future destinations.  Based on the survey response, we’ve made the following decisions. Tour frequency: Every other year for primary destinations (see below).  Repeat destinations and “boutique” offerings (lower priority destinations; easily arranged; smaller groups) will be scheduled in off years.

Tour length: Two-week tours with optional extensions.

Future Destinations

Thailand is already scheduled for Jan/Feb 2013.  We are considering (based on potential interest) a Morocco tour, possibly April of 2013.  If you are interested please let us know at info@imprinttours.com

Primary Destinations

Three destinations topped the list of a vast majority of respondents: Egypt, Southern Africa, and China.

Egypt is clearly the number one choice – but there is also consensus that we wait for the political climate to stabilize.  Therefore, we are putting plans for Egypt on hold, but fully intend to take a tour when conditions are favorable.

Southern Africa (South Africa, Victoria Falls, + possibly Botswana) will be our next new destination.  We are targeting November 2013 or April 2014.  Travel partners are in place and planning is already proceeding.

China will be planned for 2016.

Boutique Destinations

After Egypt, Southern Africa, and China indications for other destinations were less clear.  But Morocco, Southern India, and Viet Nam were popular choices, in that order.  Costa Rica and/or Guatemala polled enough to remain in consideration for a future tour.  Among respondents who have not already been, Bali received a lot of interest.

Bali Imprint will target 2014 for our next tour to Bali.

Morocco Currently under consideration for 2013.

Southern India OR Viet Nam Under consideration for 2015.