Maia's Success

Since many of you know my daughter Maia, I thought you might indulge a proud father’s choice to use this forum, usually reserved for travel subjects, to tout her latest accomplishment.  Moreover, I thought this a good way to welcome those of you who were recently added to the RSS feed.

In the last year Maia has become interested in acting.  Last fall we enrolled her in acting classes.  On her third audition she was chosen to attend a young actors convention in L.A.  Maia raised all the money herself (for those of you who contributed, thank you once again!), attended the convention, performed in front of 150 agents, had the time of her life, met “famous people”, and received several call-backs (2nd interview/auditions). We viewed the experience as good for Maia’s confidence and self-esteem, for many valuable life lessons, and for the experience of raising the money herself.  We would have considered the event a complete success at that point.  But a month after coming home, Maia received a call from an agency that wants to represent her.  She has signed a contract with the Crawford Agency in L.A. and received her first audition referral almost immediately.

Whether or not Maia ever gets paid as an actress remains to be seen.  But the excitement of coming this far is already reward in itself.

Thanks for you indulgence.  I’m off to Europe for Rick Steves tomorrow.  I hope to be able to blog from the road and intend to be writing about Thailand – our next big adventure (scheduled for January 2012)