Reid and Maia Coen

Reid and Maia Coen

About Us

We at Imprint Tours believe travel is more than a recreational experience. Travel broadens horizons, introduces new ways of seeing the world, equips us with a new frame of reference for evaluating our own society, breaks down prejudice, and promotes global understanding. Therefore, we endeavor to “Travel with Intent”: an intention to take a reflective, introspective approach; connect with the cultures we visit; and balance the enjoyment of discovery with responsible travel. We want our imprint on the planet to be light and our imprint on the local culture to be positive. 

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Imprint's Reid Coen has enjoyed a lifetime passion for travel, teaching, and history. He has been a tour guide, travel consultant, and speaker for Rick Steves’ Europe for the last 23 years (a relationship he still enthusiastically enjoys). In 2005 he launched his own tour company with the intention of taking groups to places he felt particularly passionate about. Southeast Asia topped the list and excursions to Thailand and Bali followed.  Since then our portfolio of destinations has expanded to include India, Africa, New Zealand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, China, Peru, European River Cruises, Peru, Iceland, Guatemala, and the Greek Islands.  Central/South America and French Canal barging are projected for the coming years.

Our Partners

Imprint Tours would not be possible without local experience and expertise. We have experience with American group dynamics and sensibilities and our partners have years of local touring experience. They assist in our itinerary development and execution; liaise with local hotels, restaurants, and vendors; provide advocacy if difficulties arise; and provide us with the best possible local guides. Most importantly, they share our values of a light and positive imprint through responsible travel and cultural connection.

Imprint Values Responsible Travel

It is our intention to support local economies, learn and abide by local cultural conventions, travel in an ecologically responsible way, and be good ambassadors of our own culture. 3% of our profits are donated to charities operating in the countries we visit. To that end we have created the Imprint Charity Fund (information available upon request).  Lastly, we offset the greenhouse gases produced by all Imprint staff travel.

Size Matters

We’re small and we like it that way. Even with projected growth our intention is to remain small so that every excursion receives our complete attention and careful consideration. Staying small keeps overhead low and allows us to offer the best value possible. Our penchant for quality over quantity extends to the size of our groups: a maximum of 26 tour members (occasional exceptions are noted in specific itineraries). Being small we concentrate our efforts on creating and delivering quality tour experiences and consequently are unable to provide travel agent services such as flight arrangements or pre- and post-tour travel advice.

Good Value

No hidden costs! All scheduled tour activities, more than half of all meals, and all tips are included in the price of the tour. Imprint Tours emphasize reasonable comfort and discovery experiences over excessive luxury.


We intend that our passions for travel, learning, and cross-cultural understanding be apparent in all aspects of our tours and make a positive and lasting imprint on tour participants.

Tour Member Expectations

After twenty-five years in the travel business we have learned that a successful travel experience depends almost entirely upon a traveler’s mindset. Perception is reality and expectations rule the day. The good news is, we as travelers have control over both. At Imprint we encourage our tour members to proactively manage their perceptions and expectations. We encourage them to be flexible, independent, personally responsible, and not expect “hand-holding”. 

Although we will always endeavor to provide a fair and complete description of the tour experience there will always be challenges and surprises that we have not anticipated. This is especially true in the less well-developed parts of the world where most of our tours are scheduled. In our experience these can turn out to be the best part of the travel adventure.  We depend on positive, flexible tour members to create a great tour experience for all the participants of the tour. “Group think” instead of “me think” will always create a better tour experience for everyone. Whiners and grumblers will be actively encouraged to reconsider their perspective.